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Mar 3, 2022

From banking to shopping to social interactions, the number of tasks we turn to our mobile devices to complete is growing at an exponential rate. The smartphone has become the go-to device in our lives and shows no sign of slowing down.

With this in mind, the question our customers are asking more and more often is “How can we use mobile to reach our customers?”

To answer this question and more, Paul Scripp, Director of Sales, sat down to discuss the value of using the ShowMeTheParts mobile app in this months’ feature.

It’s All About Speed & Accuracy in the Digital Age

When meeting with manufacturers, Scripp encourages them to consider the many different ways speed plays a role in creating successful outcomes.

VIN Scanning & License Plate Search

By far, the most used and beneficial feature of the ShowMeTheParts mobile app is the VIN scanner. When a car rolls into the bay, it’s as easy as opening the car door and scanning the barcode to get directly to all of the available products.

Not only is the lookup fast, but it is pinpoint accurate as well.

“While a year/make/model/engine search could return four, five, or six results depending on fitment variables, our VIN search decodes to that base level and then goes deeper.” Scripp notes. “We’ll look at whether a manufacturer is mapping to ACES specific conditions like transmission, aspiration, and drive type so that users find parts only meant for that specific vehicle – It takes all of the guesswork out of it.”

By putting a custom mobile app in the hands of the end-user, manufacturers are increasing the speed and accuracy of the part identification process.

Taking things to the next level, the newly added license plate decoder further simplifies and expedites the lookup process.

Getting Up & Running Quickly

The other concern Scripp often hears from customers is a fear that the process might take too long or might eat up internal time and resources that are a luxury they don’t have.

They are shocked to learn that custom ShowMeTheParts mobile apps are up and ready to go within four to six weeks.

“We have an extremely tight process for creating our apps and we have a website our customers use that is very plug-and-play. It’s as easy as dropping in their images and away we go.”

As the speed of business increases, ShowMeTheParts is there to help you meet the challenge.

Standing Out Through Brand Differentiation

While the Internet has provided easier and more cost-effective ways for companies to connect with a wider audience, it’s also brought increased competition. Customers can quickly find several options within a category, making brand differentiation key to success.

“A customized ShowMeTheParts mobile app is clearly a differentiator between our customers and their competitors. Not only does it enhance the overall brand image, but it also expands the number of places customers can find them by placing their brands in the app store.”

Each ShowMeTheParts mobile app is customized with a branded splash screen, app icon, and incorporates brand colors throughout for seamless brand integration.

Combined with their other digital marketing efforts, manufacturers are able to build trust with their prospects and clearly differentiate their brand in the marketplace with their custom app.

Three Other Key Benefits

A Great Tool for Sales Teams

The ShowMeTheParts mobile app also becomes a great selling tool for sales teams. “When they go into a shop pitching their product and the competition has an out-of-date, grease-filled book and you have a free mobile app, that’s a big differentiator.”

Quick Access to Product Info & Literature

Unlike with paper catalogs, with the ShowMeTheParts mobile app, customers know they have the most up-to-date product information available. Furthermore, support documents or installation details such as the cabin air filter access point for an application give techs everything they need to complete the job.

“It puts us at the forefront of the industry and allows for our brands to add more value to their catalog offering.”

Meet Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) Goals

Ceasing or greatly reducing the number of printed catalogs isn’t just a cost-saving measure, it also helps organizations meet their ESG goals by reducing their environmental footprint.

“But Isn’t It Expensive?”

If you’ve considered a mobile app in the past, but held off because you thought it would be too expensive, you’re not alone.

“I think when people hear ‘mobile app,’ they think expensive” Scripp noted. “However, we’ve removed that barrier to entry and when combined with the cost-savings of eliminating catalogs, customers end up saving money while delivering a better product and user experience.”

Final Thoughts & Getting Started

To wrap things up, we’d like to share a testimonial from one of our current customers.

“NGK’s Fast Finder Part Identification App finds your parts faster than you can look them up online – And it fits in the palm of your hand,” stated Terry Steffes – NGK Marketing Manager, Interactive. “This tool is designed to benefit all users, from service professionals to weekend warriors. Just point, shoot, and find your NGK or NTK parts, it’s that easy!”

If you’re ready to join NGK and our other satisfied customers, reach out to Paul today to set up a call! You likely already have everything you need (a basic ACES file) to get started and we can have your custom app available in the app stores for download within a month or two!

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