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Sep 29, 2022

As a manufacturer, there are few things more painful than having the parts your customer is looking for sitting in a warehouse or retail store. Many times the only barrier is not having an easy search tool in place for them to be identified and purchased. These lost sales opportunities are frustrating for everyone involved and can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

If this is a current pain point, let’s get a call scheduled so you can be free of this headache once and for all with ShowMeTheParts fitment guides.

See It & Try It…Before You Buy It

While we will cover a few of the features and benefits below, the best way to evaluate the impact ShowMeTheParts will have on your business is through a FREE live demo & consultation. Simply send us your fitment data file and we will create a working part lookup solution for you and your team to test out. You can submit your request by clicking here.

Another way to experience the power and ease of use of ShowMeTheParts is by testing out the solutions we have helped SKF, Timken, and Carquest implement. Once there, click on the Heavy Duty Applications tab and be sure to review how each guide uses the key features and customizations listed below to solve their part fitment needs. Finally, if there is a feature or data organization that you really like, be sure to mention it when submitting your request for a demo.

Key Features & Customizations

Part Search by Key Attributes

Our most popular and commonly used feature is our highly flexible key-attribute search. With attribute search, the limitations of year, make, and model lookup disappear, allowing fitment to be driven by specific part attributes like dimension or material.

To illustrate, consider a manufacturer who sells hoses in different diameters, lengths, or materials. While these parts can be connected by YMM or VIN, there are other use cases in which this information would not be available or relevant. The manufacturer might also sell bulk hose which wouldn’t make sense to connect to a specific YMM lookup. ShowMeTheParts can help visitors in each case to quickly find the parts that fit using each of the key attribute search feature.

As you can see, this feature alone can unlock many new sales opportunities. To see our attribute search in action, click on the Part Information tab and then Attribute Search on the SKF catalog

Organized to Fit & Showcase Your Catalog

One thing you’ll notice by looking at the examples highlighted above is that each fitment guide is organized in a different way. For some manufacturers, it makes sense to start with part type and then move to make, while others might prefer the opposite setup.

ShowMeTheParts was developed to be flexible, allowing you to organize and present your fitment data in the way that best suits your catalog. Our team of experts will review your fitment data and provide you with options that best align with your current catalog and needs.

Over 2500 Configurations

While we won’t get into each and every configuration, our thirty years of experience working in such a tight niche and with the largest suppliers in the aftermarket has allowed us to develop a wide range of solutions to meet every fitment challenge. Put simply, if there is a fitment need you have, we’ve likely already solved it for another customer and can quickly implement a solution for you.

Custom Themes & Brand Colors

When customers visit your fitment guide, it’s important to maintain your visual brand identity standards. ShowMeTheParts can be customized to match your brand using brand colors for tabs and throughout your guide.

Get Started Today!

From start to finish, our team can have you up and running within a few weeks!

Request your demo today and you’ll be one step closer to eliminating search frustration and lost sales by implementing a new and improved fitment guide for your customers.

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