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Mar 30, 2023

There’s never been a better time than right now to launch or upgrade your e-commerce parts store. There’s also never been a faster or easier way to make the leap than with the new Ultimate Auto Parts Toolkit (UAPT) Shopify integration powered by ShowMeTheParts.

You can forget the custom coding, multi-year builds, server management, and six to seven-figure investments. All of these headaches and budget-busters have become a thing of the past.

We’ve bundled everything you need together into a turnkey solution—backed by over thirty-five years of part catalog expertise.

This can finally be the year you cross “online parts store” off your to-do list and it all starts by scheduling a call today!

Lightning Fast Online Store Builds

In the past, e-commerce stores were long, expensive projects. Builds took anywhere from one to three years to complete and the total upfront expense was a six or seven-figure budget hit. Not to mention the costs of support and ongoing maintenance.

Instead, for a fraction of the cost, you can have a customized Shopify auto parts store up and running within a few weeks. Yes, you read that correctly, just a few weeks!

Speed to market is a superpower in today’s competitive landscape and by integrating ShowMeTheParts’ data into your e-commerce store, your investment can begin to pay dividends in weeks or months rather than in years.

Customized for Auto Parts

As auto parts cataloging specialists, we understand the requirements and needs of both manufacturers and buyers. We’ve built these core features into our Shopify integration.

Year/Make/Model, License Plate & VIN Fitment Lookup

A prime example which trips up many developers is the year/make/model fitment lookup feature. Having a fast, accurate, and intuitive part finder makes the buying experience enjoyable and limits returns. It also avoids lost sales that can be traced back to customers not being able to find the right part.

Our ShowMeTheParts lookup technology with self-selecting filtering has been an industry leader for decades and with the Ultimate Auto Parts Toolkit, it is included in each Shopify store we build.

Best of all, your Shopify product catalog is directly linked to your ShowMeTheParts catalog, ensuring accurate information is displayed without time-consuming, error-prone, and complex file management by you or your staff. Let us handle and manage the data for you.

Finally, any information that is listed in ShowMeTheParts can be connected to your Shopify store! Simply let us know which information is important for your project and we’ll do the heavy lifting.

Part Verification

Another key feature for auto parts sales is part verification, which is included in every Shopify store. Customers will see a checkmark confirming accurate fitment or a warning sign when fitment does not match their application. By highlighting when products don’t fit, costly returns are nearly eliminated.

Built on the Premiere E-commerce Platform

There are many options available to help businesses set up and maintain their online store, but Shopify has distanced itself as the clear leader in the space in both power as well as east of use.

Designed, Built, & Optimized to Sell

With millions of stores running on Shopify, their team is constantly making adjustments to improve their platform. Unlike other e-commerce platforms, Shopify is a hosted platform, relieving you from the hassle of managing your own servers. That also means you get the benefits of any platform improvement and insights they discover from their millions of customers worldwide.

Easily Handles Large Parts Catalogs

When selling auto parts online, one key consideration is how well a store’s platform can handle large product catalogs. Most manufacturers offer hundreds if not thousands of SKUs. This can cause performance and stability issues for most platforms, slowing them down and hurting your customers’ shopping experience. Backed by a global operations and reliability team, Shopify doesn’t skip a beat and keeps your store performing so you can keep making sales.

No-Hassle Store Management

Most organizations want to have an online store, but they don’t want to have a large team to manage it. This is another place where Shopify shines.

Your store is hosted by Shopify, eliminating server maintenance.

Shopify also offers a vast ecosystem of third-party integrations to make managing your store even easier. By connecting apps like ShipStation, a single person can easily manage the shipping fulfillment needs which might otherwise take many more employees.

There are many other features and benefits of the Shopify platform we could feature here. Ultimately, the decision to build our turnkey solution on Shopify was easy to make. There simply isn’t a better alternative and we are excited for the continued growth and evolution of the platform.

The Perfect Blend of Power and Price

As we’ve highlighted throughout the post, combining Shopify with the Ultimate Auto Parts Toolkit powered by ShowMeTheParts is extremely powerful. For more information on the features listed above, be sure to check out the Shopify integration page on our website and visit to book a demo today.

Finally, this solution makes selling auto parts online extremely affordable! Schedule a call to further discuss your needs and to see just how quickly you’ll see a positive return on investment.

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