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Jun 27, 2022

If we were to tell you that a tool was available that could eliminate your headaches and frustration in looking up maintenance related items including filters, wipers, belts and hoses, would you be interested? And would you immediately try it out if you found out it was completely FREE?

Well, that’s exactly what we’ve created with our web edition and our ShowMeTheFilters app! Both tools are completely free and provide the most accurate and up to date data available in the automotive industry.

In this article, we will highlight the features and benefits of our ShowMeTheFilters lookup engine which can increase the productivity and efficiency of any shop including quick lube centers, fleet accounts, municipalities, rental car fleets and more.

Download & Try ShowMeTheFilters

Before you go on, take a minute to download the smart phone app so you can try out the various features as you read.

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Comprehensive Coverage in One Location

As an automotive parts search specialist with over 30 years of experience deploying year, make, model lookup systems, we work with industry-leading brands to help them meet their application lookup challenges. This relationship allows us to have the most up-to-date fitment information direct from the manufacturers.

With ShowMeTheFilters, we have combined all of the data into one easy-to-remember location, eliminating the need for multiple catalogs or search engines. We even have coverage for PowerSport/ATV, Medium &Heavy Duty Trucks, and AG market applications like tractors and other farm equipment.

Try It Out

Open the app or visit to see if the brands you use are featured and the vehicles you need to service are listed!

Cross Reference & Part Number Search

In addition to our sophisticated Year/Make/Model/Engine search, you can also use ShowMeTheFilters as a Cross Reference guide or Part Number Search. While for general reference only, the Cross Reference search has well over 1 million numbers that can be cross referenced. This makes it by far the most robust cross reference search tool in the industry.

Try it out

Use the Cross Reference & Part Search to see just how powerful ShowMeTheFilters can be!

Pinpoint Accuracy

While year, make, and model search engines are commonplace, you likely have come across search results that require more digging to be done such as engine fitment. This slows you down and introduces an opportunity for error.

With ShowMeTheFilters, these pain points disappear! Not only do we offer more advanced search parameters, but our “Best in Class” intelligent software automatically selects the appropriate options with each desktop click or mobile tap you make. This not only makes it faster and easier to use, but eliminates dead ends caused by misclicks.

Try It Out

Watch how the input fields such as “Part Type” or “Engine” automatically update as you make each selection!

Zero Data Entry VIN Scanner

As we discussed in the last section, a single user misclick on other systems can lead to either the wrong product being used or a dead end which requires the search to be restarted.

By installing our ShowMeTheFilters mobile app on handheld devices, data entry becomes even faster and completely free of user error. Your team can simply scan the VIN barcode on the vehicle from within the app to get precise product results mapped to the year, make, model, and engine.

Try It Out

Head over to the closest vehicle and give the VIN scanner a try!

No Data Lag!

Many public and proprietary lookup tools often have a three to six month lag in application data. This can be especially frustrating as the next year’s models begin to roll into your shop, resulting in having to guess the right product or in simply losing the sale.

With ShowMeTheFilters you’ll have as close to real time data as exists in the market. As our manufacturing partners make new fitment data available, we are a first place it is delivered. Your team can confidently identify and replace the full range of maintenance parts to maximize efficiency and revenue.

Try It Out

Search for the 2023 fitment guides for your most common vehicle makes and models.

An Unbiased Direct Comparison Tool

We’ll close this piece with one last key distinction that sets ShowMeTheFilters apart from the competition and which will hopefully earn your trust and everyday use. This distinction is that ShowMeTheFilters is a truly unbiased direct comparison tool. We don’t push certain brands to the top of the page nor do we try to show unrelated items. Our sole focus is to display accurate fitment information so you and your team can work efficiently and effectively.

We hope you’ve followed along and are already feeling comfortable using ShowMeTheFilters. And if you are finding value in ShowMeTheParts, please share it with others who might also benefit.

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