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Jan 27, 2023

At ShowMeTheParts, we are best known for our work in providing parts lookup solutions for automotive manufacturers. However, you might not know that we also provide fitment solutions for a wide range of industries and often team up with other software providers to implement ShowMeTheParts into their offerings.

In this customer showcase, we’ll introduce you to a fast-growing customer who has implemented ShowMeTheParts into their shop management software package. We hope this will provide additional insight into the power of ShowMeTheParts and possibly provide inspiration for your next project.

As always, reach out to our team to discuss any ideas you might have for implementing ShowMeTheParts into your service offering. You can schedule a call by clicking here.

Get to Know Droptop

Droptop was founded five years ago with the goal of providing a simple, easy-to-use shop management system for the oil change market.

By seamlessly integrating best-in-class software into a single solution, Droptop eliminated the headaches and delays of evaluating, implementing, and connecting systems. Shops could open sooner and operate more efficiently in all aspects from scheduling to parts lookup to invoicing. For a complete list of features and benefits, we encourage you to visit the Droptop website.

Later, we’ll highlight how ShowMeTheParts contributes to the success of Droptop. But first, we want to share a case study to provide you with a better feel for how powerful the Droptop tech stack is for owners.

Case Study: C & S Express

Chad is a construction professional who had little knowledge of the quick lube industry when he decided to open his own oil change shop in 2019. He knew that in order to be successful, he would need a reliable and efficient shop management system. That’s when he discovered Droptop.

From day one, Chad implemented Droptop in his business and has seen outstanding results. Over the last four years, his business has grown on average 43% per year. Droptop was everything Chad needed to get started and manage his business effectively.

According to Chad, “I don’t think we could have done this without Droptop.” The system has helped him with inventory, profit and loss, and many other aspects of his business. Additionally, Droptop helped Chad simplify the onboarding process and inform his technicians on the right parts to use in a super quick and easy manner.

One of the key factors in Chad’s success with Droptop is the communication and response from the Droptop team on feature requests. Chad feels that he and Droptop have grown together and have been able to build a strong partnership. He states the communication and response from Droptop on feature requests is amazing and they are always willing to listen to feedback and improve.

ShowMeTheParts Integration

From the beginning, the Droptop team knew they wanted to work with best-in-class providers for integrations to maximize customer satisfaction. At ShowMeTheParts, we were honored to be selected alongside leaders in their respective fields like CARFAX, MOTOR, and QuickBooks.

Working alongside the Droptop team, we provided real-time API (Application Programming Interface) calls which allow Droptop software to excel in several ways.

Fast, Accurate Part Fitment

When a vehicle comes in for service, time is of the essence. Each extra minute cuts into overall profitability.

With this in mind, the Droptop team knew they would need fast, accurate parts fitment lookups. They turned to ShowMeTheParts and our self-selecting attributes to help technicians quickly identify parts for the vehicle being serviced. By taking the guesswork out of fitment and providing the correct data in just a few seconds, Droptop maximizes shop efficiency. There is also peace of mind that the correct part is used, reducing return visits.

Inventory Availability

Not only can the tech quickly identify replacement parts, but they can also see available inventory levels. When a part needs to be ordered, the process can begin much sooner. This helps to maintain satisfied customers and allows shops to meet efficiency goals.

Increased Sales Opportunities

In addition to any parts needed for repair jobs, the ShowMeTheParts data increases sales opportunities by highlighting other items which fit the vehicle. Filters, wiper blades, light bulbs, and more can quickly be identified and installed.

Expanded Product Offering

While most software options are limited to a few brands, ShowMeTheParts allows Droptop shops to access a much wider catalog of data. With fitment from most industry-leading brands, technicians can easily identify parts from other manufacturers. This can come in handy when a particular brand isn’t in stock, ensuring the vehicle can be serviced without added delay.

Partnering with ShowMeTheParts

“ShowMeTheParts is super collaborative in helping to find better ways to improve the end customer experience,” said Elliot Grabish, CTO of Droptop. “They are always looking for new ways to make improvements to increase efficiency and are super responsive and easy to work with.”

Future Growth Evolution

At ShowMeTheParts, we are thankful to have the opportunity to work with the team at Droptop. It’s been an exciting time for their business as they recently launched a mobile detailing software solution to assist detailers in tracking customers, vehicles, inventory, invoices, and payments. They also have a new tire shop software solution launching soon!

We encourage you to check https://www.droptop.io/ and reach out to their sales team to explore Droptop.

Additionally, we’d love to hear from you if this case study triggered a few ideas of your own. Reach out to our sales team to discuss your needs. We love working on custom projects and there are so many ways ShowMeTheParts can be implemented into creating a solution to meet your business needs.

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