Streamline B2B Orders with ShowMeTheParts PRO: 9 Reasons to Upgrade Today!

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Aug 30, 2022

E-commerce is booming across all industries. If your organization is still looking to get into the B2B e-commerce parts game, the ShowMeTheParts Pro plugin should be at the top of your list of options to explore.

In this article, we’ll cover the top 9 reasons customers choose ShowMeTheParts Pro for their business. Be sure to review all of them as the last few may surprise you.

1. Instant Boost to Customer Satisfaction

Your customers are busy tackling the tasks in their day-to-day professional and personal life and the last thing they want to do is wait on hold to check inventory, pricing, or place an order. By providing them with a platform where all of these things and more can be done from a smartphone or laptop, customer satisfaction and loyalty will instantly skyrocket.

2. Easily Convert Search Results to Sales

In the parts business, customers first need to identify the parts that will fit their application through fitment lookup. But once they find the parts they need, where can they go to complete the sale?

With the ShowMeTheParts Pro plugin, we’ve connected our industry leading fitment tool with online ordering to help you convert search results to sales. Once customers find what they are looking for they can simply proceed through the checkout process. Best of all, customers can place orders 24/7/365 without adding any additional staffing.

3. Allows Your Team to Work on Key Projects

How many projects are on your “to-do” list?

Owners and managers often become overwhelmed and frustrated as the list of future projects continues to grow. In many cases, the logjam is caused by the existing order processing system. They know they can’t pull staff away from the short term tasks needed to pay the bills in order to work on projects which will grow the business long term. And the list continues to grow.

By implementing ShowMeTheParts Pro, staff previously tasked with answering phone calls and manually processing orders can be freed up to work on other key projects. This moves the business forward and can increase employee satisfaction as they move from tedious tasks to more enriching and energizing work.

And don’t worry about difficult onboarding or staff training. ShowMeTheParts Pro is an easy to deploy, turn-key solution.

4. Reduces Mistakes & Errors

With each point of human data entry, the potential for mistakes and errors increases. A simple typo or verbal request not heard can become very costly to resolve.

ShowMeTheParts Pro can help you eliminate mistakes and errors as customers see each and every detail as they place their order. They’ll get exactly what they want and any mistakes or errors will be made by the customer, not your business.

5. Near Real-Time Inventory

For customers, “Do you have the part I need in stock?” is quite possibly their most important and frequently asked question. If not, they’ll need to move on to the next vendor in hopes of having their needs met. And is there anything more frustrating for customers than to place an order only to find out later that the vendor can’t fill it?

ShowMeTheParts Pro uses uploaded inventory totals or automatically ties in with your in-house inventory tool to show the end user currently available stock. This is a valuable feature for both customers and staff to quickly review inventory prior to completing a sale.

6. Password Protected, Tiered Pricing

Do you provide customers with different pricing based on their purchase volume? Or do you want to offer special pricing for a high-value customer?

Each of these can easily be achieved with ShowMeTheParts Pro.

Simply submit your list price along with prices for up to five tiers of customers and each logged-in customer will see their specific price point. Password protection will ensure customers can only see their pricing and can prevent competitors from scraping prices.

Finally, when changes are needed, your administrator can adjust prices or assign customers to price tiers for easy price updates and customer management.

7. Works for Your Industry

By selecting ShowMeTheParts Pro, you are partnering with experts in part fitment for anything that moves. From heavy-duty and medium-duty trucks to agriculture and off-road vehicles, you can count on ShowMeTheParts Pro to have solutions for your most complicated application data.

8. Pricing That Doesn’t Break the Budget

One barrier to entry that we hear a lot from our customers is that B2B e-commerce solutions are just too expensive. Even the options which tout low or minimal costs end up becoming very expensive when factoring in the internal staffing needed to make updates or changes.

We are confident that you will find the ShowMeTheParts Pro Plugin to be well within your budget. Existing ShowMeTheParts ecatalog customers can upgrade to Pro and enjoy all of the premium value-added features for a minimal additional cost per year.

Reach out to our sales team to set up a call to discuss just how affordable it will be!

9. Lightning Fast Launch

While the previous eight reasons are all important, the speed at which we can launch your ShowMeTheParts Pro platform is often the most surprising for our prospects. With ShowMeTheParts Pro, we can have you up and running in as little as a few days!

Just think about how nice it will be to have all of the benefits listed above working for your business, rather than against it. Call to discuss upgrading to ShowMeTheParts Pro today!

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