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Jul 27, 2022

As a marketplace with annual auto parts and accessories sales exceeding $10B with no signs of slowing down, the tide has shifted from teams asking “Should we sell on Amazon?” to “How can we start selling on Amazon ASAP?”

At ShowMeTheParts, we are experts in data fitment for the automotive aftermarket and can help you to navigate the process of loading your data onto Amazon in a quick, easy, and affordable way.

Solving Data Submission Errors

Uploading parts data is one of the first steps required to begin selling on Amazon.

If this step in the process has left you frustrated and confused, you aren’t alone. Just in the past few months, we’ve been approached by several companies that couldn’t get their data accepted on Amazon. For various reasons, they continued to run into roadblocks that delayed the project from launching.

By working with ShowMeTheParts, you can rest easy knowing that our team can solve any issues you may be having. We’ll identify the necessary changes that need to be made to ensure you are supplying Amazon with clean data that is accepted within a few days.

“Right now, submitting ACES & PIES data to Amazon can be challenging,” notes ShowMeTheParts founder and President Jay Wright. “However, Amazon uploads our data lightning quick and we do it every day for some of the leading manufacturers in the industry.”

Eliminating Costly Delays

Submitting parts data only to have it be rejected is not only frustrating, but also expensive.

Each day that passes as you wait for approval represents a day of lost sales opportunities. There’s nothing worse than having inventory on the floor of the Amazon warehouse—and on your books—without any possibility of being sold.

Without the sale, you also lose the ability to earn a positive customer review. On a marketplace like Amazon, these reviews play a vital role in building a strong brand reputation. Customers look to reviews for reassurance and may look elsewhere if they can’t find the social proof reviews provide.

Each one of these delays ultimately impacts your online sales success. When you partner with ShowMeTheParts, you can rest easy knowing these costly delays will be solved within a few days from our clean data upload.

Drive Traffic to Amazon with ShowMeTheParts

Once you have your parts uploaded and available for purchase on Amazon, the next step is to drive traffic to your store. One way we help customers do this is by connecting the Buy Now button on their ShowMeTheParts catalog directly to their Amazon parts listings.

Users begin by searching for their fitment using your ShowMeTheParts catalog. Once they find the part they need, they can simply click Buy Now to complete the sale on Amazon.

This seamless integration can help you drive sales to your Amazon store while also creating a great user experience. It’s a win/win integration.

Eliminate the Hassle. Get Started Today!

As the leading solutions provider for aftermarket problems, we pride ourselves on helping customers overcome their data pain points. Selling online shouldn’t be frustrating, so give our team a call today and we’ll help guide you through the process!

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